Zaid Mansuri

Asset Management – Revenue Analyst

Zaid Mansuri serves as a Revenue Analyst at Comunidad Partners. He is responsible for strategic asset management activities related to revenue enhancement leveraging the firm’s proprietary rent price optimization software, execution of marketing strategies, maximizing other income and the development of novel systems leveraging machine learning to provide more predictive modeling techniques to accelerate revenue growth.

Both the cultural fit and Comunidad’s passion for prioritizing resident services as an integral part of community building in a Comunidad property resonate with Zaid, whose family immigrated to the U.S. from India when he was 3 years old. They lived in apartments through much of his childhood.

“As I visit our properties, I meet many immigrant kids — kids whose shoes I had been in just 10 years ago. That gives my job meaning,” Zaid says. “Comunidad exemplifies the company of the future: data-driven yet grounded in a mission. Our residents, our communities and our environment are all interwoven together in Comunidad’s ‘why.’”

Comunidad’s small and nimble operation allows its team to live Comunidad’s “fearless innovation” value every day. With experience and a passion for data visualization, forecasting and regression analysis, Zaid enjoys the variety of challenges his job offers, from rent pricing to marketing strategy to creating or updating process manuals.

“The trust that I have in the Comunidad team and the trust they have in me makes me think that there really isn’t any challenge — economic or cultural — that we would not be able to overcome as a company,” Zaid says.

Prior to joining Comunidad, Zaid worked in both risk management and asset management capacities as a financial analyst at ConAm Management Corporation. Zaid graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Economics where he acted as an Academic Senator overseeing tuition and fee policy.