Horacio Villarreal

Managing Director – Investment Management

Horacio Villarreal serves as Managing Director — Investment Management at Comunidad Partners. He is responsible for activities related to acquisitions, fundraising, recapitalizations/refinances and dispositions. Horacio is instrumental in navigating investments for the firm and the diversity of challenges is what he enjoys most about his role.

“At any given time, we can have an acquisition, refinance and sale going on at the same time, along with sourcing and underwriting new opportunities,” he says. “Each of those requires coordination and project management and taps into a variety of skill sets. There’s always room to improve and learn, and the competitor in me loves that.”

“Each deal provides an opportunity to have a real and meaningful impact to improve the lives of so many people throughout the process,” Horacio says. And seeing the impact Comunidad has on its residents makes it all worth it.

“Our team places such a real and genuine love and appreciation for our on-site teams and residents that it allows me, as someone who places a lot of time, trust and faith in the numbers, to believe that our passion and care offer an extra variable that isn’t easy to quantify.”

Prior to joining Comunidad, Horacio spent a year and a half at HPI where he served in multiple capacities on the industrial team. Before HPI, Horacio served as an acquisitions analyst at an Austin-based real estate investment firm where he underwrote and closed transactions in various product types in multiple Top 50 MSAs. Horacio graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2014 where he served as student body president and is a member of Chancellor’s Centurions, a group that supports The University of Texas System. He is also a member of Bachelors of Austin and a member of the University of Texas Real Estate Center Council.