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Comunidad provides the opportunity for you to elevate your career by investing your talent, time and expertise in innovating the affordable housing sector and helping underserved communities move up in the world.

Use Your Superpowers for Good

Help Us Transform Community

Use Your Superpowers for Good

Help Us Transform Community

Use Your Superpowers for Good

Help Us Transform Community

Use Your Superpowers for Good

Help Us Transform Community

Use Your Superpowers for Good

Help Us Transform Community

Our best chance to stop the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition and poor education is by providing peace of mind to families through quality, safe, functional and affordable housing. I can’t think of any other way in which my time on this earth can have a more direct and lasting impact on the most vulnerable and important participants in our society.

Santiago Rivera Torres
Managing Director


To build community and enrich lives by serving as a vehicle for social impact, environmental sustainability and financial alpha through generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders.


Endeavor to become one of the most impactful real estate investment firms in the country, specializing in workforce and affordable housing communities in culturally diverse neighborhoods. We aspire to empower people to live happy, healthy and prosperous lives, which drives economic and social progress in underserved communities for all stakeholders.


We foster a strong corporate culture that is committed to building community, enriching residents’ lives and promoting sustainability with a supportive and innovative approach that follows our core values.

  • Disciplined Purpose

    Genuine gratification is achieved by striving for a higher purpose and having the discipline to fulfill that purpose.

  • Passionate Work Ethic

    Love what you do and work passionately doing it. Work is meaningless if it’s not done in a rewarding and meaningful way.

  • Servant Leadership

    Have the humility to lead by doing and by serving the people around you who are vital to your success.

  • Unwavering Integrity

    It's not always easy to do the right thing, but it's always the right decision. The firm believes this ardently and makes choices with unwavering integrity.

  • Fearless Innovation

    Take calculated risks, question conventional wisdom and innovate with fearless entrepreneurialism.

  • Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

    Be gratified but never satisfied. Be rewarded by what you do but not satisfied, as idle satisfaction can breed complacency. Continuous improvement and the desire to always excel drive profound gratification.

  • Stakeholder Integration

    Take a holistic approach to your activities through symbiotic stakeholder integration of residents, staff, vendors, the greater community, the environment and investors in order to truly maximize economic and social returns.

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