Our multifamily lifestyle brand, Comuna, represents our mission of elevating lives through community at our properties by providing value-added cultural services, amenities and enhanced living.

Community Profile

Asset characteristics

Quality: Primarily Class B/C, garden-style assets

Size: 150+ units

Vintage: 1980-2023

Rents: 60-100% AMI, up to 120% of AMI

Physical: Structurally sound with limited / no functional obsolescence and minimal deferred maintenance

Niche focus

Affordable and workforce housing

Limited competition and fragmented ownership

Decreasing supply of Class B/C multifamily assets with growing demand

Unique access to preferred terms and rates / cost of capital for affordable social impact projects

Favorable demographics

Resident demographic has strong income, population and household formation growth

Fastest-growing renter segment in the U.S. with a high propensity to rent

Substantial wage growth with buying power expected to double by 2030

Focus on the Sunbelt

Our team invests in primary and secondary Sunbelt State MSAs that exhibit strong job and income growth, population and household formation growth, and constrained workforce housing supply.