Pamela Lopez

Director — Social Impact

Pamela Lopez serves as Director — Social Impact at Comunidad Partners. Inspired by being part of a dynamic, growing company that values people above all, she is responsible for community outreach, nonprofit partnerships and the resident services and lifestyle management components of the operation.

Pamela is essential to the firm’s core value of stakeholder integration, serving as the liaison and social services conduit overseeing services such as after-school programs for kids, health education, financial literacy, English as a Second Language (ESL) programming, resident workforce support for vocational training and job placement, among other programs integral to the resident services platform.

“Services and amenities in the key areas of education, health & wellness and equity/economic advancement create an environment that feels like home and offers community,” Pamela says. “It’s the ideal environment for residents to find resources that satisfy their needs. I appreciate the opportunity to look for outcomes that are brought about by creativity and collaboration, and I find a sense of purpose in knowing that our company makes a difference in the lives of so many people.”

Pamela, with 10 years of previous experience as an educator for the California school system, sees the true impact of the educational outcomes at the communities. “For all of us, seeing children enjoying the programs is very special. As an educator, I know that where children’s interest lies, the parents become interested, too.”

Previously, she worked for Hewlett-Packard in research & development and has extensive experience in cultural business management serving key leadership positions with multiple organizations.