Jessica Jimenez

Vice President – Asset Management

Jessica Jimenez serves as Vice President — Asset Management at Comunidad Partners. She is responsible for asset management and property management across the portfolio.

Her responsibilities at Comunidad include, among others, rent pricing optimization, marketing plan implementation, unit turn cost management, utility conservation measures, talent development and compensation, vendor negotiations/management, lender servicing, risk management, and other strategic asset management initiatives across Comunidad’s portfolio of communities.

Jessica’s initial exposure to direct real estate investment came at the age of 25 with the purchase of her first home, a duplex in an up-and-coming neighborhood of San Diego. “I became not only a homeowner but also a landlord and quickly realized what it meant to own property and provide a home for residents. I believe that housing and shelter is a basic human right, and that those who are able to provide housing have a social responsibility to ensure a functional and clean home for their residents.”

Jessica is focused on more than just past performance; she also cares deeply about how future experiential improvements can be made with resident feedback as part of the solution.“We look at the resident value proposition not through a narrow lens, but holistically. We like to see how we can improve the entire resident experience,” she says. “We listen to residents for ideas on how to better serve them. Comunidad means community, and our community extends beyond our physical office to residents and team members throughout our portfolio.”

Prior to joining Comunidad Partners, Jessica was Vice President of Operations and Chief Administrative Officer for the Renaissance Companies, a real estate consulting company providing financial institutions, private equity firms and hedge funds with predictive model valuations, targeted market sale processes and market intelligence plans for real estate assets.

Jessica is the first person in her family to attend a four-year university, graduating from the University of Notre Dame. Additionally, Jessica is a proud alumna of the Ross Minority Program in Real Estate at the University of Southern California.