Yiming Cai

Senior Associate – Acquisitions & Development

Yiming Cai serves as Senior Associate at Comunidad Partners. He is responsible for construction management programs, green and utility conservation programs and design for the portfolio’s capital improvement programs.

In addition, he supports acquisition underwriting and business intelligence development efforts. He is also involved in business plan development and execution.

Yiming’s work in capital improvement management is a great fit for him, aligning with the interest he has had in architecture and design since he was a young student. He enjoys the opportunity to be involved in multiple sectors of real estate investment and asset management, adding, “It is great to know our social impact program efforts have a positive impact on our tenants and communities.”

Comunidad adds value to the properties by investing in capital improvement amenities that have thoughtful design and support social impact, such as space for after-school programs, playgrounds, soccer courts, etc. In addition, capital improvements foster environmental stewardship through utility retrofits and other environmentally supportive property upgrades such as water-saving shower heads and toilets and energy savings through LED lighting.

Yiming is a chartered financial analyst and CAIA. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Master of Science in Real Estate Development and from Tongji University with a Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering Construction. He was previously a structural engineer for China State Construction Engineering Corp (CSCEC) and cost manager at China Construction America, Inc.