Santiago Rivera Torres

Santiago Rivera Torres serves as Managing Director with Comunidad Partners. Embracing a corporate culture that welcomes diversity and self-expression, he oversees portfolio management activities, including portfolio strategy, investor relations, macroeconomic research and cultural services & programs implementation.

The idea of serving the underserved has always resonated with Santiago. “Our best chance to stop the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition and poor education is by providing peace of mind to underrepresented families through quality, secure, functional and affordable housing. I can’t think of any other way in which my time on this earth can have a more direct and reaching impact on the most vulnerable and most important participants in our society.”

Santiago is involved in establishing and developing the firm’s commercial partnerships and strategic alliances, connecting with those driven by the same principles of impact to create conditions for the underserved where personal growth can exist and flourish. He also supports capital raising efforts and investor relations.

Santiago has worked in the commercial real estate and development sector in Mexico and the U.S. for the last 12 years. His experience ranges from working on family-owned projects on resort developments in Baja under a joint venture with Hines Real Estate to low-income housing projects in Mexico.

“As an immigrant, not just a Mexican immigrant, I relate to the nostalgic desire to ‘feel at home’ and feel as though you belong to a greater community,” he says. “I also have the added benefit of having insights into the cultural idiosyncrasies, needs and wants to better serve the growing Hispanic workforce demographic.”

The Rivera Torres family has been involved in $3 billion USD in housing (400,000 units), hotels & resorts, industrial parks, retail/mall development and infrastructure development throughout Mexico.