José Rodriguez

Asset Management – Expense Analyst

José Rodriguez serves as an Expense Analyst at Comunidad Partners. He is responsible for strategic asset management specific to expense management including cost efficiencies, bulk contract negotiations, vendor management, utility conservation and unit turn expense management.

He specializes in containing and optimizing expenditures at Comunidad’s communities. “It is my highest priority to reduce expenses without jeopardizing our residents’ satisfaction living in their homes,” he says. “I am passionate about controlling and reducing costs not only for the bottom line but also because I want to make sure that we pass along these savings and make our communities affordable and attainable.”

“Losing my home during the 2008 financial crisis made me truly value the importance of having shelter,” José says. “This work is meaningful to me because I want to make sure that our residents have a place to thrive, pursue happiness and, most importantly, have a place to call home.

“Our residents are without a doubt the most important part of this whole operation. The amount of diversity, culture and belonging our residents bring is immeasurable and creates a prosperous community.”

Prior to joining Comunidad, José participated in the Manager Development Program with GEICO Insurance and held an officer position in the Hispanic Business Student Association at San Diego State University where he also obtained his BS in Finance.